Italian ice

Penguin Italian ice manufactured in small batches daily to guarantee freshness. Unlike mass produced Italian ices and water ices, Penguin  ice does not contain corn syrup. Penguin ice contains only sugar produced in small batch freezers. Italian ice made with corn syrup in large continuous machines has a slimmy feel to the tongue.  Corn syrup based Italian ice have less servings per container and melt at a quicker rate, limiting profitability for vendors. Our ices are made fresh daily. Our ices are frozen immediately after produced at -30 to guarantee flavor drop does not occur. With over 40 years of experience penguin ices has been constantly providing vendors with the product their customer desire at a reasonable price. We offer free local delivery and also ship at a reasonable price anywhere in the United States.

Penguin Italian ice sold in 3 gallon, 5 gallon paper cans, 6 gallon stainless vending cans, and 12oz novelty cups.


Cherry, lemon, sky blue, coconut helado, mango, rainbow, green apple, watermelon, chocolate, pink bubble gum, cotton candy, orange, parcha, tamarindo, piña colada, cookies and cream, black berry, strawberry, lime, Swedish fish, yum yum chip, pine apple, lime, kola, root beer, ice tea, banana.

italian ice

italian ice

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