Italian Ice Manufacturer


Leading Italian ice Manufacturer!!! Penguin Italian is manufactured in 3 gallon paper cans, 2.5 gallon plastic cans, and 12 0z vending cups. Penguin Italian ice provides vendors reliable service and a quality product!!! Our Italian ice is manufactured fresh daily using quality ingredients. Penguin Italian ice is manufactured in small batches with love.Penguin Italian ice can be purchased at our manufacturing facility located in Elizabeth, NJ or can be delivered anywhere in the United States by pallet. Penguin Italian ice has over 40 years of experience manufacturing italian ice and providing the service customers expect.

italian ice

Italian ice

Penguin Italian ice is here to help. Give us a call if you have any questions. If you have been selling Italian ice for years or just starting Penguin Italian ice has the experience to help you down the road of success. Penguin Italian ice does not have expensive starting packages. We will sell you whatever you need with at a fair price. Many Italian ice companys sell customers overpriced ice and carts taking advantage of new vendors in the business. Call us first before purchasing a competitors package. 


Italian ice pallet

       60 2.5 gallon cans with shipping included $1250

     40 2.5 gallon cans and pushcart with shipping included $2500


for ice cream truck supply


for ice cream store products