Helado is sold by street venders in NYC and New Jersey. Manufactured using fresh fruit juices and all natural ingredients. Very similar to Italian ice in texture, but as similar to a sherbet. Penguin Italian ice is best know for Coconut Helado. Coconut’s extreme flavor and richness is achieved by using coconut butter and fresh ingredients mixed with condensed milk. Penguin ice specializes in producing fresh helado’s daily for street vendors in the NYC ¬†metropolitan area. We offer sameday local delivery for free.

coconut helado

coconut helado 


Bursting wth flavor, all flavors offered in 3 gallon paper cans and 6 gallon re useable stainless steel cans.





Passion Fruit (parcha)





Pine Apple (pina)

We also offer split cans divided evenly


Tamarindo/Passion Fruit


Rainbow(Cherry, Lemon, Sky Blue, Green Apple)

coconut helado

coconut helado


Penguin ice sells everything a vendor needs. From pushcarts to dry ice. We offer free daily delivery to most areas in NYC and New Jersey. Helado is a dessert that is unique to the NYC area but can can shipped anywhere in the United States. We are here to help if you have any questions. Open 7 days a week after April 1.

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